Jeep CJ7 1986

Jeep CJ7 1986 Photo - 1

Jeep is an American car brand, which produces cross-country vehicles. Currently, a popular and status indicator trademark belongs to Chrysler automobile company. Engineer Arthur Herrington has designed recognizable SUVs.

The follow-on car was called Jeep CJ7 1986 – the abbreviation of GP, that had meant a Car of General Purpose. Today in some states Jeep CJ7 1986 is considered as off-road vehicle. Its most demandable variants are Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Cheroke.Jeep CJ7 1986 photo - 1
Jeep CJ7 1986 photo - 2
Jeep CJ7 1986 photo - 3
Jeep CJ7 1986 photo - 4

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